Are YOU looking for a way to give back to the community?

Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait is a result of local area photographers and enthusiasts using their time, equipment, and expertise to give back to people less fortunate during the holiday season. It happens on the same day, once a year, across the world and we are fortunate enough to have an event here in Cedar Rapids!

Consider volunteering your skills and time on Saturday, October 16, 2021 to the Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait event. We will be giving over 300 less fortunate individuals/families of the greater Cedar Rapids area the ability to get high-quality professional photos.

What do we need?


We are looking for photographers (48 or more!) who shoot DSLR, has a portable indoor studio equipment (at minimum one studio light, reflector, backdrop & Five flash cards), is experienced shooting with off camera lighting and is comfortable shoot individuals and families. A few other items you will need to assist you at the event are: posing stools, chairs, props, drop cords, light meter and gaff tape.

Assistant Photographers

Each photographer is assigned an assistant. These are the people who can organize groups, help with posing, and get kids attention, able to move lighting, and assist in anything the photographers need. Great way to learn how to be a photographer for the following year’s event.

Photo Editors

Are you experienced in Photoshop or Lightroom! These are the behind-the-scene people who are willing to bring their own laptops with their own personal photo editing software. You will be editing (white balance, fixing small blemishes, brightness & contrast, cropping, etc) and saving photos from an SD card to a USB drive. We need twice as many editors (48 or more!) as photographers. 

studio Equiptment

If you have extra studio equipment, or aren’t sure you want to shoot and would be willing to loan out your studio equipment, please let us know.

Touch-Up Artists

Just basic hair and make-up touch ups. We need donations of hair spray, combs, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow, brushes, blush, etc.

Image Runners

We are also need specialized editing positions that will backup all images, send files to the printers and verify USB drive content.

Family Guides

These volunteers escort the family through the whole process. They pick up a new family from the registration table, makes sure all the paperwork is completed and turned in, escorts the family to the hair/makeup area (if desired), then to a photographer and stays with the family until they get back to the waiting area; all the while collecting their stories.

General Volunteers

We also need many other general volunteers from framers, translators, hospitality, food, etc.


We can't succeed without people like you!
Volunteer today, you'll love it!

Our next event will be Saturday October 16, 2021


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