Want to be a part of the 2019 Greater Cedar Rapids Help-Portrait Event?


Help-Portrait exists to support people less fortunate* during the holiday season.    We provide high quality portraits to these groups:

  • Families and Individuals In Need
  • Senior Citizens
  • High School Seniors Who Otherwise Would Not Have A Senior Portrait
  • Veterans
  • Homeless* Help-Portrait reserves the right to deny services to any individual or family that it deems not qualified for free portrait images.
Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait offers FREE photo sessions with photographers volunteering their time for you/your family.  You/Your family will have a 20-minute session and will receive one framed 8” X 10” portrait & three  4” X 5” pictures, along with a USB drive containing pictures from the session; plus a written statement giving you the copyrights to print them.
Note:   We ask that if you have participated in the Help-Portrait event in the last two years that you call the number below and ask to be placed on a waiting list.  Help-Portrait’s goal is to provide free images to as many citizens in the Greater Cedar Rapids Area as possible.    We know that many families have not had a studio photo taken in years and we would like to be able to offer this opportunity to them.   If we provide pictures the same families year-after-year we will not be able to assist these other families.   However, a number of families each year fail to make their appointment, and we would be glad to fill those time slot with a returning families versus not assisting any family at all.  By calling the number below and adding your name to the wait list, we may be able to get your family pictures taken again this year. 


We are sorry, the 2017 Help-Portrait sign up is completely booked.  Your name can be added to a wait list in the event some families/individuals change their mind before the event.

We have a number of families on the day of the event that do not make their appointment due to:

1) Forgot about event

2) Changed their mind

3) Another higher priority event trumped their Help-Portrait commitment

4) Family emergency

You are welcome to swing by the First Presbyterian Church throughout the day and see if there are any openings.   We can not make any promises, but if you are patient, we may be able to fit you in.  The Cedar Rapids Library is just around the corner, and if you need a place to wait for an hour or so, that is an option for you and your family.

We at Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait are pleased that we are completely booked. It means our annual event is a major need for our friends and neighbors in Cedar Rapids.   At the same time, we are disappointed that we have limited resources and can only help about 350 families each year, meaning we have to turn away some families.

We will be back in 2018 with another 350 studio portrait openings.    That event will be on December 2, 2018 and sign up will begin around mid-October 2018. Most of the Cedar Rapids area community service groups participate in helping us find families/individuals.   Ask them about getting your name on the list for 2018.  If they have never heard of us, let them know they need to reach out to us and get their organization on our list.

Happy Holidays!

To sign up for the 2017 Help-Portrait Event Wait-List go to the sign up tool below.   Help-Portrait uses “Sign Up Genie” to manage its registrations.


      The Help-Portrait Number:     319-382-0944


Leave your name and phone number and we will call you back to put you on our wait-list.